‘I Work with a Pretty Tough Cookie…’

unnamedI was inspired to write this blog entry after witnessing Angela Schamante swing a 35lb kettlebell above her head, then turn around and whip out 5 consecutive pull-ups, and finish with a 400 yard sprint. I instantly thought ‘Geeze, I work with a pretty tough cookie.’

Recently, one of our beloved client’s Cathy Nava, recommended a gym to Angela and I that’s literally in walking distance from Glow. We did not shy away from Cathy’s recommendation since we so frequently comment on her toned arms…we say they are like ‘Jessica Biel’s arms.’

Anyway, fast forward to Angela and I taking Cathy’s advice and trying out the Gym…oh, and by the way, the gym is called The Hub Fitness. We showed up minutes before the 5:30p.m. class…shoes tied, hair in ponies and attitude ready to get our sweat on. The instructors walked us through the work-out routine of the day. I’m thinking, ‘oh yeah, not a big deal…a little run here, and little push-up there…not a problem.’ Boy was I humbled after the first twenty minutes into the routine. The obstacles laid out for us ended up to be extremely challenging and my whole mindset of pretending to be Katniss from the Hunger Games slowly crumbled with every whisping breath of air I took. I was honestly waiting for the cannon to sound (another Hunger Games reference). But as I mentioned in the beginning of this entry, I looked over and noticed Angela…stone cold faced…conquering obstacle after obstacle…drinking the sweat as it dripped down her face. Again, nothing short of behaving like a tough cookie.

I was inspired by Angela’s determination, and as soon as the workout class was over, Angela and I linked arms and decided this was going to be our new hobby together.

After sharing this story with Machelle Eller, she was instantly sold on trying out the gym. Matter of fact, it’s a part of her New Year’s resolution…even though she is already the queen of squats, push-ups and lunges.

If you are joining a gym, or trying out a new workout routine, I strongly encourage joining Angela, Machelle and I at The Hub Fitness.

Wish you all the best in 2014!


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