“…These are a few of my favorite things!”

Although it’s been years (over ten at least) since I have seen the well-renowned movie Sound of Music, I still get the much admired song “My Favorite Things” stuck in my head time and time again. I was actually singing the song before writing this post, that’s what brought me to share this topic with you all. Since starting my position here at Glow, the biggest challenge has been learning all of the products offered and the purpose behind every application. I began asking the girls what their favorite product is and why, and I found their answers to be very informative so I thought I’d share.

Below are the responses from each member of our Glow team:

Angela Schamante: “My favorite product has to be the Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment cream from JanMarini. I have always struggled with cystic acne, and after starting this product two years ago, my skin has never been more clear! Pair this with a retinol for your nightly corrective treatment routine, and you can kiss your acne good-bye!”

Stefanie Santos: “Although all of our products have done wonders on my skin, the one product that stands out to me is Skin Medica’s Tri-Retinol ES. The Tri-Retinol ES has been amazing in smoothing my skin texture and fine lines without irritating my skin. This product has also controlled my breakouts and has transformed my skin overall!”

Amanda Towers: “My favorite product is probably the Bioglycolic face wash. I love it because of its versatility and price point. I recommend it to anyone from dry/dehydrated to oily/acne. It’s defiantly a must have, and my favorite product!”

Sasha Fuller: “I have a lot of favorites starting with Rhonda Allison: Skin Brightening Cleanser and the Pumpkin Cleanser. I also love the Eminence Stone Crop Moisturizer, and my Jane Pressed Powder!”

Machelle Eller: “My favorite is the Iredale Sunbeam Bronzer… It is one of my products I always pack on vacation, especially when doing a carry-on or limited space. I can use it as my bronzer/blush, eye shadow and even as a lip color with gloss over the top.”

Stephany Whitt: “My favorite product is Eminence Organic Sun Defense. I’ve been told it makes me glow! I like to look natural and this delivers every single time while providing great SPF coverage.”

Jessica Devilbiss: “In the 12 years I’ve been practicing skin care, I have come in contact with literally hundreds of products thus making it hard for any one product to really stand out and impress me, but there are a couple that continue to deliver results. I fell in love with Eminence years ago and would have to say any of their products with Hungarian Paprika as the main ingredient continue to make a huge impact on every skin type. Paprika causes your blood to rise all the way to the surface of your skin giving it maximum detoxification. It’s like taking your skin for an intense 5K run. The results are glowing skin for hours. My second “must have” is the TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica. Maybe it’s the science geek in me, but the thought of applying real human growth factor to my skin and literally seeing lines fade in just a couple months is thrilling to me.”

If you have a favorite item here at Glow, please feel free to share what it is and why… May help me brainstorm some ideas on our upcoming monthly product features. :)

On a side note, I’d like to thank everyone for so warmly welcoming me to the Glow family. Every day I go home thankful that I get to be surrounded by good people and positive energy. I’m extremely impressed with what has been built here at the practice, and I look forward supporting all business needs and establishing lasting relationships with you all.

-Lauren Corselli

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One Response to “…These are a few of my favorite things!”

  1. Sam Bowers says:

    One of my favorite products is Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer and sometimes when my lips get chapped I put it on my lips!

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