I’m Pleased to Present to You… Graduates of JIU!

March 31st, 2014

WE DID IT! Lauren and I successfully graduated Jane Iredale University on March 10th, 2014… might I add – TOP of our class! ;) Our instructor – the Global Educator, Shawn Towne, who has worked as a makeup artist for over 20 years, taught us the fundamentals of Jane Iredale – The SKIN CARE MAKEUP.

JaneIredale_logoLauren and I soaked up all the information we could cram into our brains. Things like what sets Jane’s mineral makeup apart from any other line, basic product knowledge, including key ingredients, how to color match, as well as basic color theory and application.

As an avid user of the line for about 3 years now, I can honestly say that Jane Iredale IS truly all that it is cracked up to be. They hold themselves to the absolute highest standard, bringing makeup to their customer’s that surpasses any

I highly suggest coming in to GLOW to see Lauren, myself, or any of our wonderful aestheticians to get yourself color matched for the Jane Iredale line – if you haven’t already! We all use and love it – I guarantee you will too!!

Hop you all are having a wonderful spring!


‘I Work with a Pretty Tough Cookie…’

January 3rd, 2014

unnamedI was inspired to write this blog entry after witnessing Angela Schamante swing a 35lb kettlebell above her head, then turn around and whip out 5 consecutive pull-ups, and finish with a 400 yard sprint. I instantly thought ‘Geeze, I work with a pretty tough cookie.’

Recently, one of our beloved client’s Cathy Nava, recommended a gym to Angela and I that’s literally in walking distance from Glow. We did not shy away from Cathy’s recommendation since we so frequently comment on her toned arms…we say they are like ‘Jessica Biel’s arms.’

Anyway, fast forward to Angela and I taking Cathy’s advice and trying out the Gym…oh, and by the way, the gym is called The Hub Fitness. We showed up minutes before the 5:30p.m. class…shoes tied, hair in ponies and attitude ready to get our sweat on. The instructors walked us through the work-out routine of the day. I’m thinking, ‘oh yeah, not a big deal…a little run here, and little push-up there…not a problem.’ Boy was I humbled after the first twenty minutes into the routine. The obstacles laid out for us ended up to be extremely challenging and my whole mindset of pretending to be Katniss from the Hunger Games slowly crumbled with every whisping breath of air I took. I was honestly waiting for the cannon to sound (another Hunger Games reference). But as I mentioned in the beginning of this entry, I looked over and noticed Angela…stone cold faced…conquering obstacle after obstacle…drinking the sweat as it dripped down her face. Again, nothing short of behaving like a tough cookie.

I was inspired by Angela’s determination, and as soon as the workout class was over, Angela and I linked arms and decided this was going to be our new hobby together.

After sharing this story with Machelle Eller, she was instantly sold on trying out the gym. Matter of fact, it’s a part of her New Year’s resolution…even though she is already the queen of squats, push-ups and lunges.

If you are joining a gym, or trying out a new workout routine, I strongly encourage joining Angela, Machelle and I at The Hub Fitness.

Wish you all the best in 2014!


“…These are a few of my favorite things!”

August 30th, 2013

Although it’s been years (over ten at least) since I have seen the well-renowned movie Sound of Music, I still get the much admired song “My Favorite Things” stuck in my head time and time again. I was actually singing the song before writing this post, that’s what brought me to share this topic with you all. Since starting my position here at Glow, the biggest challenge has been learning all of the products offered and the purpose behind every application. I began asking the girls what their favorite product is and why, and I found their answers to be very informative so I thought I’d share.

Below are the responses from each member of our Glow team:

Angela Schamante: “My favorite product has to be the Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment cream from JanMarini. I have always struggled with cystic acne, and after starting this product two years ago, my skin has never been more clear! Pair this with a retinol for your nightly corrective treatment routine, and you can kiss your acne good-bye!”

Stefanie Santos: “Although all of our products have done wonders on my skin, the one product that stands out to me is Skin Medica’s Tri-Retinol ES. The Tri-Retinol ES has been amazing in smoothing my skin texture and fine lines without irritating my skin. This product has also controlled my breakouts and has transformed my skin overall!”

Amanda Towers: “My favorite product is probably the Bioglycolic face wash. I love it because of its versatility and price point. I recommend it to anyone from dry/dehydrated to oily/acne. It’s defiantly a must have, and my favorite product!”

Sasha Fuller: “I have a lot of favorites starting with Rhonda Allison: Skin Brightening Cleanser and the Pumpkin Cleanser. I also love the Eminence Stone Crop Moisturizer, and my Jane Pressed Powder!”

Machelle Eller: “My favorite is the Iredale Sunbeam Bronzer… It is one of my products I always pack on vacation, especially when doing a carry-on or limited space. I can use it as my bronzer/blush, eye shadow and even as a lip color with gloss over the top.”

Stephany Whitt: “My favorite product is Eminence Organic Sun Defense. I’ve been told it makes me glow! I like to look natural and this delivers every single time while providing great SPF coverage.”

Jessica Devilbiss: “In the 12 years I’ve been practicing skin care, I have come in contact with literally hundreds of products thus making it hard for any one product to really stand out and impress me, but there are a couple that continue to deliver results. I fell in love with Eminence years ago and would have to say any of their products with Hungarian Paprika as the main ingredient continue to make a huge impact on every skin type. Paprika causes your blood to rise all the way to the surface of your skin giving it maximum detoxification. It’s like taking your skin for an intense 5K run. The results are glowing skin for hours. My second “must have” is the TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica. Maybe it’s the science geek in me, but the thought of applying real human growth factor to my skin and literally seeing lines fade in just a couple months is thrilling to me.”

If you have a favorite item here at Glow, please feel free to share what it is and why… May help me brainstorm some ideas on our upcoming monthly product features. :)

On a side note, I’d like to thank everyone for so warmly welcoming me to the Glow family. Every day I go home thankful that I get to be surrounded by good people and positive energy. I’m extremely impressed with what has been built here at the practice, and I look forward supporting all business needs and establishing lasting relationships with you all.

-Lauren Corselli

Foodies at Work…Literally.

October 1st, 2012

Jess, Jack & Sam......EATING

What is it about food that brings people together? Is it because it is a fundamental part of survival…OR is it because it is tasty and delightful…OR is it because it may simply be the best part of the day? Who knows, but one thing is for certain you can walk into our break room on any given day and you are guaranteed to have a conversation in, about, or around food….

 Last Spring we hired on our most recent addition to the Glow family, Amanda, and we were all talking to each other and finding common ground – when all the sudden out of nowhere I had “word diarrhea of the mouth” and told her that part of her initiation into the group was that she had to individually complete and finish an order of Baja Fresh’s loaded nachos. Now let me just be clear here – these nachos are the SUPREME supreme nachos…weighing in at close to five pounds and topped with the works, this platter of deliciousness is sure to have you either suppressed into a food coma or hovering over the toilet.

I’m just kidding, c’mon guys you know we don’t haze here at Glow. We all share in the food debauchery together…duh! No but seriously – if you didn’t know better you would think that the reason why we all found each other was to critique, consume, and obsess over FOOD.

Amanda we have dubbed the Glow ‘foodie’, let’s just say she describes recipes to me and my mouth just starts salivating…from double whipped mocha chocolate extreme cream desserts to baked potatoes cooked twice laced with Crisco and seasoning and stuffed to perfection. ..Wow. Then there’s Machelle, now if you’re feeling guilty about what you brought for lunch – don’t eat it around Machelle. Machelle is the ‘healthy one’, she is always nibbling on nuts, slurping down coconut water, and talking about her two-a-days. Yah I know, you’re probably all the sudden incredibly aware of your back fat slowly curling around your bra straps right? Ugh I hate that.  

Ok moving on, then there’s Stefanie. Stefanie is a little spicy, always talking about her ethnic inspired cuisine and her worldly flavored kitchen. I mean come on, her husband is Costa Rican/Filipino, she knows how to cook a catfish ten different ways, AND her family is from Germany…creating an image for you?

Next up is Sasha, Sasha makes the best homemade salsa in the world. I could literally drink down that stuff, it’s not too watery, and not too chunky, just the perfect blend of happiness. Mmmm, my mouth is watering. Now Stephany Whitt brings a whole other dynamic to the food blend – she is practically allergic to EVERYTHING! But don’t worry as long as she has chocolate, Shiraz wine, and a box of pizza she’s good to go.

Jackie is simple to please, she’s a take-and-bake, order-in, grazer type of gal who will eat just about anything as long as it tastes good (but just don’t order her a Turkey wrap from Pita Jungle, I made that mistake once – and that could quite possibly be the one thing she doesn’t like).  Last but not least there’s Jess.  Jess is a little more complex, on one end she likes her staples – potato chips, chicken fingers, and a good turkey club (toasted with bacon please). But on the other hand, she has an eye for perfection (weird right? j/k) Her mom is a chef at heart so you can imagine Jess’ homemade meals are typically better than the restaurants.

Ok well now that I have thoroughly gotten off topic, please excuse me while I drown myself at Sweet Tomatoes…yum.