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Foodies at Work…Literally.

October 1, 2012

Jess, Jack & Sam......EATING

What is it about food that brings people together? Is it because it is a fundamental part of survival…OR is it because it is tasty and delightful…OR is it because it may simply be the best part of the day? Who knows, but one thing is for certain you can walk into our break room on any given day and you are guaranteed to have a conversation in, about, or around food….

 Last Spring we hired on our most recent addition to the Glow family, Amanda, and we were all talking to each other and finding common ground – when all the sudden out of nowhere I had “word diarrhea of the mouth” and told her that part of her initiation into the group was that she had to individually complete and finish an order of Baja Fresh’s loaded nachos. Now let me just be clear here – these nachos are the SUPREME supreme nachos…weighing in at close to five pounds and topped with the works, this platter of deliciousness is sure to have you either suppressed into a food coma or hovering over the toilet.

I’m just kidding, c’mon guys you know we don’t haze here at Glow. We all share in the food debauchery together…duh! No but seriously – if you didn’t know better you would think that the reason why we all found each other was to critique, consume, and obsess over FOOD.

Amanda we have dubbed the Glow ‘foodie’, let’s just say she describes recipes to me and my mouth just starts salivating…from double whipped mocha chocolate extreme cream desserts to baked potatoes cooked twice laced with Crisco and seasoning and stuffed to perfection. ..Wow. Then there’s Machelle, now if you’re feeling guilty about what you brought for lunch – don’t eat it around Machelle. Machelle is the ‘healthy one’, she is always nibbling on nuts, slurping down coconut water, and talking about her two-a-days. Yah I know, you’re probably all the sudden incredibly aware of your back fat slowly curling around your bra straps right? Ugh I hate that.  

Ok moving on, then there’s Stefanie. Stefanie is a little spicy, always talking about her ethnic inspired cuisine and her worldly flavored kitchen. I mean come on, her husband is Costa Rican/Filipino, she knows how to cook a catfish ten different ways, AND her family is from Germany…creating an image for you?

Next up is Sasha, Sasha makes the best homemade salsa in the world. I could literally drink down that stuff, it’s not too watery, and not too chunky, just the perfect blend of happiness. Mmmm, my mouth is watering. Now Stephany Whitt brings a whole other dynamic to the food blend – she is practically allergic to EVERYTHING! But don’t worry as long as she has chocolate, Shiraz wine, and a box of pizza she’s good to go.

Jackie is simple to please, she’s a take-and-bake, order-in, grazer type of gal who will eat just about anything as long as it tastes good (but just don’t order her a Turkey wrap from Pita Jungle, I made that mistake once – and that could quite possibly be the one thing she doesn’t like).  Last but not least there’s Jess.  Jess is a little more complex, on one end she likes her staples – potato chips, chicken fingers, and a good turkey club (toasted with bacon please). But on the other hand, she has an eye for perfection (weird right? j/k) Her mom is a chef at heart so you can imagine Jess’ homemade meals are typically better than the restaurants.

Ok well now that I have thoroughly gotten off topic, please excuse me while I drown myself at Sweet Tomatoes…yum.

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