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Tubac, Haboobs, & Kevin Costner

August 15, 2012

Tubac Chapel

A reoccurring feeling I get every Summer, is the need to escape.  Escape the heat, escape the mid-year blues, escape to rejuvenate.  I don’t know about you, but when I travel it brings me back to a place of appreciation, understanding, and peace.  Nowadays it’s so easy to get caught in the shuffle of Life, and forget the important things – sometimes all you need is a little reminder of what makes everything worthwhile.

“Tubac.”  Jess said.   I’m sorry did you say Tupac? (I’m thinking sure I like me some rap music every now and then). “No no no.  T-U-B-AC, as in Arizona – ya know south of Tucson”?  Jess was taking Jackie and I (plus our very lucky man friends) on our first weekend getaway together, and we were thrilled – WOO HOO!  Anywhere outside of Phoenix in the summertime is a welcomed refuge, and with that we were off on our first Glow vacation adventure.

Did anyone happen to see the Haboob picture Jackie posted on Facebook last week?  Let’s just say that’s what we were all driving into on our way out of town…scary is an understatement.  I admit it – I AM AN ARIZONA DRIVER and I hate driving in weather, I slow down to look at people pulled over on the highway, and I definitely don’t like driving in Haboobs.

BUT. 2.5 hours later we pull into Tubac, and let me just say this is definitely a diamond hidden in the rough.  The landscaping was lush and green (green you ask? In Arizona? Yes, yes it’s true.) miles of blossoming desert,  and the best part was the feeling of mental, physical, and emotional relief -  relief from work, relief from everyday stressors, and relief from any obligations.  Usually Jess, Jackie and I support each other when we individually take time off during the year, whether it’s pulling doubles, or covering shifts, we do what we need to do to allow each other vacations and time-off, so this time it was really nice to be able to experience this kind of free time together.

Anyone seen the movie Tin Cup (Kevin Costner & Rene Russo)?  Well that smash box hit was filmed on the very same grounds where we were enjoying our weekend, the one and only Tubac Golf Resort & Spa.  Now for those of you that don’t know, Tubac has been around since the 1700’s, and this resort had originally been Otero Ranch so you can imagine this place was nostalgic.  Cobblestone walkways, Spanish Colonial architecture, trees with trunks the size of a Fiat 500…there’s something to be said about history, you can almost feel it in the air.  One of the coolest buildings was right in the center of the grounds – an original 18th century Mission Style chapel.

So I have yet to fine tune my theory, but it seems to me that as I experience different places  and things, those that have  waged the war against time and are surrounded by history overwhelm me.  It makes me value my life even more.  So go out people, take time to yourself, do something crazy.  Today, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes, “The World is a book, and for those who do not travel read only a page.” –Saint Augustine

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