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Be Ready to STAYcation

June 26, 2012


Arizona summertime…it’s just gorgeous out isn’t it?  Sweat beading up on your brow before nine a.m., thighs sticking to the leather seats in the car, the quiet lethargy that seeps through your body lulling yourself into a drowsy mid-afternoon coma.  Blame it on the weather – but there’s nothing quite like the dry, consuming, hypnotic heat of a summer in the desert.

One thing’s for sure – tourists are few and far between which means cheap hotel rates for us locals. Why not book a summer “Staycation?”  It’s the perfect way to pretend that you are somewhere else, besides where you really are – the oven of America.  A weekend away at a resort is just the ticket to get you through summer, but even though you may only be a hop, skip, and a stone’s throw away from home – you can’t forget the essentials.

Before any vacation I always make a check-list.  Get Tank a dogsitter – check.  Buy random mini-size toiletries from Target that I’ll never use – check.  Get a flirty new sundress – check.  And most importantly schedule all my enhancements at Glow.  I like the minimal make-up look when I’m on vacation, but come on who am I kidding, I gotta have the goods.  So whether you are headed out of town and need a little pick-me-up or just want to look your best, these simple secrets will keep you looking just as sassy and sexy as you know you are.   Here is my list of “Oh, no I’m not wearing any make-up, this is my all natural look” - But, Shhhhhh don’t tell my boyfriend.

Sam’s Staycation Must-Have’s:

-Bikini Wax                                      -Tantasia Self-Tanner (Jane Iredale)
-Brow/Lip Wax                                -Cocoa Latte Tinted SPF (Eminence)
-Brow Tint                                        -Cosmo Lip Gloss (Jane Iredale)
-Lash Tint                                        -Tropical Vanilla Body SPF (Eminence)

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